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What is Legitigant?

Legitigant® is an easy-to-use web-based tool that handles billing specifically for small to mid-size law offices. With a computer or mobile device and the internet, Legitigant can help you automate the tracking and accounting all of your firm’s billable activities. Simply use your favorite web browser to log into Legitigant and begin billing your clients.

Legitigant will safely and securely store and maintain all of your billable activities for a low monthly fee of $19.99. We also offer a low 1% processing fee when your clients make payments via Legitigant, so you'll get paid more and faster with Legitigant!

So, what you are waiting for? Sign up today and start billing the right way with Legitigant!

Legitigant offers tools that are essential to client billing:

Client Management

  • Portal for clients to make online payments
  • Store and track clients’ fees and payments
  • Store and track clients' cases and complaints

Document Management

  • Autofill and store client documents in Legitigant
  • Use your favorite file sharing app to share client docs
  • Start, pause and stop billing when working on client docs


  • Generate expenses from photographed receipts
  • Store expense receipts in Legitigant
  • Store LEDES-compliant expenses in Legitigant

Calendar Management

  • Save scheduled services in your favorite calendaring app
  • Generate charges from scheduled services
  • Schedule services and appointments in Legitigant


  • Automated invoice generation
  • Email invoices and e-bills to clients
  • Receive online payments from emailed invoices

Legitigant on trial:

Still not sure? Give Legitigant a try before you buy with our free 30-day trial. You’ll soon see how Legitigant makes billing your clients easy and practical. So, let Legitigant handle your billing while you manage your practice!