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Legitigant® is an easy-to-use web-based tool that handles billing specifically for small to mid-size law offices. With access to a computer and the internet, Legitigant can help you begin to automate the tracking and accounting of your all your firm’s billable activities.

Unlike many billing packages today, Legitigant is specifically designed for the legal profession. Hence, Legitigant is not laden with many complicated features, 'bells and whistles' to target a wide range of professionals. More importantly, Legitigant significantly mitigates an attorney's role (time) as accountant with bookkeeping and more as an attorney.

What Can Legitigant Do?
With most billing packages on the market, law offices have to purchase and integrate multiple software packages to handle different aspects of billing. Combining multiple heterogeneous products together can be recalcitrant to impossible to do. For instance, oftimes, law offices have to purchase additional software just to track scheduling or client documents. Not so with Legitigant! Legitigant includes tools that will turn scheduled services and document management into charges with the click of a button!

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Here are some Legitigant's features:
blank Client Management
blank Document Management
blank Expensing
blank Calendar Management
blank Invoicing

How does Legitigant work?
Legitigant functions as a web-based tool, so you can simply use your web browser to log into Legitigant and begin billing your clients. There's no complicated software to download and install onto your computer or device. Legitigant will safely and securely store and maintain all of your billable activities for a monthly fee. If you decide to cancel your service, your information will provided to you at no additional cost.

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Upcoming Products
  Legitigant for Mobile Devices
Applause Vanguard I.T. is dedicated to offering tools that will help you, the attorney spend less time as accountant so you can better manage your practice. Legitigant for Mobile Devices and Tablets will soon be apart of Legitigant's suite of products. For more info, click here.
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