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About Us
Vanguard I.T. is an information technology consulting company specializing in aiding businesses improve their operations via information technology.

We offer a wide variety of I.T. services to help companies maximize their competitive advantage, consequently, moving businesses to the forefront in their respective industries.

Vanguard I.T. knows that when your business is operating the way it should, you are able to maximize your competitive advantage. Here are some of our specialities:

CTI Solutions
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) or telephony is a technology that integrates computers with the telephone network. More and more businesses (today) are realizing the many benefits of using telephony in their business. Consider these benefits to your customers:

blank CTI gives companies the ability to provide information to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for a "live" agent.
blank CTI can increase a company's customer loyalty and sales, as well as decrease their own overhead costs, by providing benefits directly to the customer, such as decreased waiting time, the ability to reach the right person the first time, and improved handling time and call processing speed.
blank CTI can relieve call centers of high traffic overload, often resulting in dropped calls and high staff turnover.
Ultimately, companies see how telephony aids them in servicing current and prospective customers while utilizing a minimal amount, if any, of their workforce. Consequently, shrinking costs and increasing a business' bottom line.

Since Vanguard I.T. is about the business of helping other businesses reap the benefits of information technology to accomplish their desired outcome(s), we also provide computer-telephony solutions.

Look no further if you are considering implementing or improving your current computer-telephony situation-solution. We specialize in the following CTI solutions:

blank Call Center Applications (automated call attendants)
blank Predictive Dialing
blank Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Applications
Custom Solutions
We understand that each business is distinct and different. Companies function and operate differently and these distinctions not only distinguish one company from the next, but oftimes comprises a company's competitive advantage.

This is why Vanguard I.T. provides custom solutions. Based on your business' functionality and operations, Vanguard rapidly develops and implements custom or 'in-house' software applications to improve your company's processes (operations) and ultimately the company's competitive advantage.

Vanguard I.T. knows that when your business is operating the way it should, you are able to maximize your competitive advantage.

Web Solutions
Many companies today understand the importance of being on the Internet. They recognize that having a web presence facilitates commerce and servicing. If you are one of those companies and want your Internet goals to be met with results, let Vanguard help establish or enhance your web presence.

We offer web solutions that will not only put you on the web, but get (put) you on the web the right way by helping to turn your web presence into profits.

How is this so? Oftimes, web designers and developers neglect the purpose of most web sites, to be a profit-making tool. Instead, they focus on the technological aspect of creating a web site. As a result, many companies end up with a web site that may be aesthetically appealing (to the eye) but not appealing to their pocket book because the site is ineffective in generating profits.

At Vanguard I.T., we focus on both the business and technology aspects of web development, so that you can better promote, advertise, sell or service your customers.

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